Marble Restoration One Step at a Time

20180221 095143 225x300 - Marble Restoration One Step at a TimeOver the years, Love Marble has restored a lot of different marble surfaces including lobbies, countertops, walls, bathrooms, tabletops, vanities, foyers, staircases, and even fireplaces.

While every marble restoration job is a little bit different, most follow the same basic five steps.

Lippage Removal

The first step is to remove any ledges or roughness, flattening the stone to create an even surface. This involves grinding and leveling the surface to set the stage for what’s to come.

Honing the Marble

The next step is to restore the smooth matte look of the marble surface through a process known as honing. In this step, pads covered with superstrength industrial diamonds are used to smooth out all bumps on the stone’s surface, even ones that are microscopic in size.

During the honing step, scratches and stains disappear and a more uniform appearance is created on the surface of the marble.


Next, the marble is polished using industrial diamonds that are even finer than the ones used during honing. During the polish step, the stone’s distinctive shine begins to appear.


Crystallization, also known as buffing, is a way of creating the mirror-like effect that marble is known for. It’s created by a chemical reaction on the stone’s surface. This crystallization adds a microlayer of film on the stone to add durability and to preserve color and brightness.


The final step in marble restoration is to seal the surface to create a barrier to liquids. Sealing, also known as stain-proofing, ensures a long-term, durable, and liquid-repellent surface that keeps fluids from being absorbed into the stone.

These five steps help restore the original luster and shine of your marble surface. They can bring back marble to its former glory even if hasn’t been maintained or cleaned for decades. Call Love Marble for all your marble restoration needs.

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