Repair or Replace?

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When marble becomes damaged or worn, owners have a big decision to make: Should they repair it or replace it?

Generally, repairing marble is the most cost-effective option. Depending on the severity of the damage or wear, it’s almost always less expensive to fix or restore your marble countertops, fixtures, wall coverings, flooring, or other surfaces than it is to rip them out and replace them.

Damage Control

Homeowners and property managers alike usually make decisions based on cost. The more affordable option is usually the one they choose because everybody has a budget to meet. Replacing damaged or worn marble may cost up to four or five times more than making repairs or restoring it, depending on the situation.

Plus, the experienced professionals at Love Marble usually can restore your marble so that it looks better than brand new. Depending on how badly your marble is damaged, our marble masters can do magic with your marble surfaces, eliminating cracks and chips, removing stains and pitting, and even shaving off the top surfaces of marble to let the original beauty shine through.

Love Marble to the Rescue

Obviously, in some instances, marble will be so damaged that it is beyond repair. In these cases, the only option is to replace it. But that’s usually the last resort. We won’t recommend replacing marble unless it is absolutely necessary.

Love Marble can repair or restore most marble surfaces regardless of whether they are damaged, have wear patterns, or are simply old, overused, and undermaintained. With just one call, our expert marble professionals will assess the damage to your marble and give you a realistic estimate as to the cost of repairing it versus replacing it. While the choice is yours, in most cases people will choose the best option that also is the most cost-effective.

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