Spring Is the Perfect Time for Marble Polishing

Christmas Snow globe Snowflake with Snowfall on Blue BackgroundThe winter of 2016-17 has been a long and difficult season in most parts of the country, but especially in the Northeast.

Not only has the Tri-State area had to deal with the usual sub-zero temperatures and cloudy skies, but it has been a significant winter season for snow. Even in late winter and early spring, the region has been hit with multiple heavy snowstorms.

Marble Restoration NYC – Weather Stress

All of these things can wreak havoc with your marble surfaces, especially marble floors in entranceways and lobbies. Tracked snow, ice, and even puddle water can stain marble, leaving behind unsightly blotches that can last into the summer if not removed.

Standing water can damage marble, even for short periods of time. While marble is dense, it can still absorb water if it is left long enough on the surface. This can weaken the structure of the marble, making it more vulnerable to chipping and cracks.

Marble Restoration NYC — Think Spring Cleaning

Spring is the ideal time of year to restore your marble surfaces. Most of the year’s harshest weather has past and yet it hasn’t yet gotten hot and humid.

Spring is traditionally a time for renewal. So why not renew your marble surfaces by restoring them to their original condition.

At Love Marble, our professional marble restoration experts can bring your stained, weather-beaten marble back to new life. Now you can start fresh with shiny, polished marble in the public areas of your building.

Marble Restoration NYC — The Busiest Season

For marble restorers like Love Marble, spring is the busiest time of the year as building owners throughout the region schedule their marble resurfacing projects.

So this spring, make sure you make your appointment with the experts at Love Marble so you can get your free estimate on your spring marble restoration project.



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