The Science Behind Marble

slide3.jpgMarble is a widely used decorative building material that is found in many homes and businesses. Recently, marble has gained popularity as a material for kitchen countertops, but for centuries it has been used for walls, floors, columns, and other applications.

The durability of marble is one of its biggest benefits. With the proper care and maintenance, marble can last for decades or even centuries.

Marble Polishing NYC — A Scientific Look at Marble

Marble’s extreme hardness comes from its molecular composition. Marble is a metamorphic stone composed of calcite, which has the chemical signature CaCO3.

Calcite is formed as the result of recrystallization of limestone under unique circumstances: Extreme pressure and heat. Typically, this transformation occurs over the course of thousands of years as the result of geologic processes, the result of which is a stone with an extremely tight crystalline structure and small — but definite — porosity.

It is this limited porosity that makes marble less vulnerable to effects of water leaching.

Marble Polishing NYC — The Enemy of Marble

While marble can stand up to water better than most other materials, the calcium carbonate in marble makes it highly susceptible to attack by acidic agents. Acids found in common household substances like citrus juices, wine, and others can easily dissolve marble.

Marble also can react to chlorides, nitrates, sulfates, and other chemical compounds, although not usually as severely as acids.

There are two basic types of marble used in homes and businesses: Calcite and dolomite.

Dolomitic marble can stand up to acids much better than calcite marble.

Marble Polishing NYC — Maintaining Marble

The life of your marble surfaces can be extended by avoiding contact with chemical agents that can cause damage, as well as maintaining these materials properly.

If properly cared for, your marble countertops, floors, and other surfaces can last a lifetime. Call Love Marble to learn more about taking care of your marble.



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