The True Value of Marble


Marble Restoration NYC

There are lots of less costly materials than marble you can use to decorate your home, office, or building. Composite materials, modern plastics, upscale vinyl, and other popular decorative surfaces will achieve the same utility at a fraction of the cost. So why spend the money on marble?

The reason is simple: Nothing looks as luxurious or sophisticated as marble. It’s not even close.

When people see your marble countertops, floors, wainscotting, or other features, they instantly recognize your superior taste and style. It’s a wordless way to express your success.

Marble Restoration NYC — Exceptional Marble

Marble is superior to other decorative materials because it is all-natural and takes literally hundreds of thousands of years to form. Unlike other decorative materials, marble isn’t manufactured in a factory, punched out on a production line, or composed of materials that are fused together with glue. Instead, it is mined from the earth in sheets of solid rock.

These marble sheets are then cut into the specific shape that perfectly fits the space where you are going to use it. Your marble is then cleaned, polished, and then cleaned and polished again before being professionally treated to create the luxurious look you desire for your space.

Marble Restoration NYC — Finishing Touches

In many instances, marble is transported to where it is going to be used in a single sheet. That means it has to be carefully loaded and padded onto the back of a flatbed truck and gently driven to the worksite where it is going to be installed.

Unlike composites and less luxurious decorative materials, most marble isn’t stacked and packed into little boxes and then pieced together on site. Instead, it is lovingly fitted and installed all in one piece so that it seamlessly expresses the luxury and sophistication you hope to achieve.

Once installed, your marble will offer style and sophistication for your spaces for many, many years to come. Marble costs more because it gives you more.



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