These Things Can Strip the Shine from Your Marble

home-1Marble is made from durable rock. How durable is it? The marble used on your floors, countertops, columns and other surfaces could be several hundreds of thousands of years old. That’s pretty durable, isn’t it?

But while marble will last pretty much forever, the shine on today’s contemporary marble surfaces will not. There are lots of things that can cause your marble’s shine to wear off, some of which act over the long term and others which act almost instantly.

Marble Restoration NYC — Acid Eats Marble

One of the most common things to erode the shine on kitchen countertops are foods and liquids that contain a lot of acids. Things like orange juice, tomato sauce, vinegar, lemons, and other highly acidic substances will eat away at the thin coating that covers your marble countertops and provides their shine.

Be careful not to spill these types of acidic foods and liquids on your marble countertops. If they do come into contact with your marble, wipe them up as quickly as possible.

Marble Restoration NYC — Hard Water

The marble surfaces in bathroom showers can often lose its shine due to the quality of the water. Hard water, or water that is high in alkalines, can cause light etch marks to form on the marble’s surface. And no matter how much or how hard you scrub, you can’t clean them off.

Marble shower walls that have watermarks should be restored by a professional, who will sand, polish, and reseal them so that they look as good as new.

Marble Restoration NYC — Time and Weather

Exposure to the elements over time can also take its toll on marble, especially on outdoor marble columns, steps, and other surfaces.

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